Cutting, facing, and orbital welding equipment are all available to rent from Pure Supply

Orbital welding, cutting, and beveling equipment are now available to rent through Pure Supply, Inc. Our services include sales, rentals, repairs, and calibration. For more details, call us at 859-581-3940, or e-mail


Orbital solutions and rental services for orbital welding, cutting and facing

AXXAIR has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing its orbital tube working machines since 1997. Pure Supply provides rentals of AXXAIR welding, cutting, and beveling equipment, including:

Orbital Welding

AXXAIR USA provides orbital weld heads for sanitary tubing applications and power supply units. Contact us for questions or to find the model and size that meet your needs.


Pure supply also rents out AXXAIR pipe cutting and beveling equipment that can be quickly moved around a project site or workshop and is easily adapted for use in numerous applications.


In addition to orbital welding and cutting equipment, we also rent tube working machines and beveling equipment to help you tackle any piping and tubing that need facing.

Orbital solutions and rental services

AXXAIR welding features and benefits

AXXAIR Weld Heads are top quality, water-cooled heads with stainless steel collets that can be powered with AXXAIR units and are compatible with select AMI power supplies. These are durable welding units, built to last for years of industrial usage and holds up to the rugged use expected in a welding shop or out in the field. The collets can be attached and removed very quickly without the use of any hardware. These units are built to accommodate thin-wall applications.


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