Orbital Welding
AXXAIR USA provides orbital weld heads for sanitary tubing applications and power supply units.

Orbital Weld Heads for tube (0.25" to 4.5")
AXXAIR Weld Heads are top quality, water-cooled with stainless steel collets. This welding heads are perfect for thin wall tubing and can be used with existing AMI Power Supplies.AXXAIR orbital weld heads come in three different models.

Contact Us for questions or to find the size that will meet your needs.

AMI Compatibility
AXXAIR weld heads can be powered with AXXAIR units and are compatible with select AMI power supplies (call to find out which AMI models can work with specific AXXAIR units)

AXXAIR Welding Features:

Durable Fittings
These are durable welding units, built to last for years of industrial usage and holds up to the rugged use expected in a welding shop or out in the field.

Quick Connect Collets
The collets can be attached and removed very quickly without the use of any hardware. These units are built to accomodate thin wall applications.






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Latest News Update
Pure Supply now offers orbital welding and cutting equipment
Orbital welding and cutting equipment are now available through Pure Supply Inc. Services include sales, rentals, repairs and calibration. For more details, call us at (859) 581-3940, ...
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