Product Details
Pure Supply offers Valves through the following manufacturers:

  ...Aquasyn does not just offer an industrial diaphragm valve that has been converted to meet industry requirements, but products which are conceived and executed specifically to meet the needs of the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

  ...Check-All offers a variety of special services, from tagging and testing options to custom designing valves for your applications.

  ...Our valves and equipment are based on recommendations of international standards EHEDG, 3A , FDA.

  ...Valves - Butterfly, Diaphragm, Pressure Relief • Pumps / Mixers - Positive Displacement Pumps • Accessories - Sight Glasses, Strainers

  ...Valves - Sample Accessories - Spray Devices, Heat Exchangers, Sample Coolers.

  ...Inline offers a complete line of stainless and carbon steel ball valves with various end connections.

  ...Strahman Valves offers the highest quality and most-innovative wash down equipment and custom process valves in the world.

  ...Valves - Mix Proof / Shut Off, Flow Control, Pressure Relief

  ...Valves - Butterfly (KTM & Keystone), Actuation (Westlock & Morin), Sample, Mix Proof / Shut Off (Hovap), Flow Control (KTM) Pumps / Mixers - Centrifugal Pumps (Hovap)

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BPE Fittings
BPE Tubing
Food Grade Fittings
Food Grade Tubing
Hoses and Gaskets