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Pure Supply offers Hoses and Gaskets through the following manufacturers:

  ...Pharmaceutical, PTFE Lined Hoses. Cutting edge flexible hose technologies for critical environments

  ...Our equipment includes a 160 ton Vertical Injection press for EPDM and Viton gaskets and other parts. We also have a 60 ton Liquid Silicone Injection press for the production of flashless silicone gaskets and O rings for the pharmaceutical industry.

  ...Hoses - Pharmaceutical, FDA Rubber, FDA PVC, Silicone, PTFE Lined Seals - Gaskets, O-Rings, Orifice Plates, Screen Gaskets Accessories - Sight Glasses

  ...Heavy-duty flexible food grade hoses for the milk handling and food processing industries.

  ...VENAIR manufactures silicone hoses for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

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BPE Fittings
BPE Tubing
Food Grade Fittings
Food Grade Tubing
Hoses and Gaskets